Side-Effects of Testosterone-Decanoate

The side-effects of Testosterone-Decanoate will be the same as all testosterone compounds; after all, testosterone is the same hormone regardless of the ester attached. As this is the case, the side-effects of Testosterone-Decanoate will largely surround its strong aromatizing nature; aromatization referring to the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. As estrogen levels increase, if they get too high this can lead to some of the most commonly associated anabolic steroidal side-effects on earth, but thankfully there is hope. Testosterone is one of the best steroids on earth for healthy adult men; not only because of the benefits, but equally important is its high level of toleration; that alone is a massive benefit.

In any case, the side-effects of Testosterone-Decanoate largely fall into what we can aptly call possible side-effects, and this means they are in no way guaranteed. Further, each and every one of the possible side-effects of Testosterone-Decanoate are 100% avoidable when supplementation is undertaken by a healthy adult male; this means you do not have high blood pressure or cholesterol or any prostate issues. So what are the side-effects of Testosterone-Decanoate? The one most men worry about a great deal is gynecomastia or male-breast enlargement, and this is due to the excess estrogen buildup caused by this steroids aromatizing nature. As estrogen levels increase, the hormone binds to the receptors and promotes breast tissue growth, and that can be devastating to any man. In-order to combat this effect, your ultimate protection will come in the form of an Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) such as Anastrozole (Arimidex) or Letrozole (Femara). AIís actively inhibit the aromatase process from occurring, and they even lower the bodyís total estrogen levels; nothing will protect you from gynecomastia like an AI.

Beyond gynecomastia, the other primary side-effect of Testosterone-Decanoate caused by excess estrogen is water retention, and it can get quite severe. Of course, once again an AI will protect you for the same reasons it protects against gynecomastia as discussed above, and it will work every time. Of course, if you use an AI and still hold water, some will blame the steroid, and it could be your AI dose is a little too low, but more than likely your caloric intake is too high. If you overeat, this is the best way on earth to hold water; this is especially true with excess carbohydrate consumption and will hold true with or without anabolic steroid use. Control your diet and use an AI, and there is no reason on earth for excess water retention to be a problem.

Then we have high blood pressure, and excess estrogen and water retention can greatly contribute to this condition, but so can extremely high doses and a dirty diet. An AI will offer some protection, but the most important thing is controlling your dose and controlling your diet. The same can be said in-regards to cholesterol; Testosterone-Decanoate can increase your LDL cholesterol levels; especially if the dose gets too high and you eat with no regard for your health. Once again, control your diet and doses and you should be fine. It must be noted; testosterone compounds can also lower your HDL cholesterol levels, and on this basis you should include plenty of omega fatty acids in your diet. Omega fatty acids will increase your HDL levels, and HDL cholesterol plays a massive role in regulating LDL cholesterol, and these omega fatty acids will improve your total cholesterol reading.

Then thereís the guaranteed side-effect of Testosterone-Decanoate use, and it is natural testosterone suppression. Most all anabolic steroids suppress our natural testosterone production, and as a result our testicles atrophy. They do not disappear, but they will lose some of their fullness. Of course, as youíre supplementing with exogenous testosterone, there is no risk in-regards to falling into a low testosterone condition; however, your levels will still be suppressed once use is discontinued. Of course, once all the exogenous steroidal compounds have cleared your system, your testicles will return to their normal size as your natural testosterone production will have begun again. This recovery is not going to occur overnight, and a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan is often advised in-order to stimulate production. A PCT plan will not promote a full recovery on its own, but it will provide you with enough testosterone to function properly while your levels continue to naturally rise. It must be noted; testosterone recovery is assuming you did not suffer from low testosterone prior to supplementation and you did not severely damage your HPTA during supplementation with improper supplementation practices.

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